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TreeHaven Roadway Vision Panels


The Roadway Vision Systems Field Box (RVS) allows a single interface to the CCTV components in a CCTV Cabinet.  The RVS provides power to the camera, and also provides interconnections for video and data to video encoders or fiber modems, as well as local access with a laptop or joystick and an analog video monitor.  The RVS provides a simplistic interface and does not require any equipment connections to be removed for access to video and data locally.

Product CutSheets

  Field Boxes  
  RVSFB120IPR   Rack mounted field control box, replaces RVSFB120R with all same features and much more
  RVSFB-120IPRA   Rack mounted field control box with internal Axis encoder


Treehaven wiring diagram for Vicon camera and Impath encoder: