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Get the Vicon Advantage!

3 year warranty from date of installation

**NEW: 1 year advance replacement thru Blackhawk

24x7x365 1-800 technical support

Regional warranty repair centers

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All Vicon domes are Flash upgradeable to NTCIP 1205 v1.08 at no additional charge

Always visit the vendor's web site for access to all of the latest information, tips, manuals, etc.


Vicon is a leader in the manufacturer and supply of CCTV Systems and Components, specializing in Dome Cameras, Video Switches and Digital Video Recorders.  Dedicated to the ITS industry, Vicon implemented the NTCIP into its dome camera line in 2002.


Vicon's new product lines provide the highest level of functionality and quality, coupled with a standard 3-year beneficial use warranty.  The warranty does not begin until the equipment has been installed, and offers a 90-day advance replacement. 


Dome offerings include Pressurized and non-pressurized housings, color and day-night models, built-in code converters for most vendor protocols and electronic compass.



Product CutSheets

   SN130P-ITS, SN220P-ITS, SN230P-ITS   Pressuried HD IP Dome, 720p or 1080p, H.264, onvif and NTCIP compliant
   SN130W-ITS, SN220W-ITS, SN230W-ITS   Outdoor HD IP Dome, 720P or 1080p, H.264, onvif and NTCIP compliant
  SN230W, SN230P   Newest Outdoor and Pressurized, 1080p, H.264, ONVIF/NTCIP, POE, DEFOG
  SVFT-PRS36   Day-Night Pressurized Dome, 35x Optical w/Stabilization, new smaller  housing
  SVFT-PRS23   Day-Night, Pressurized Dome, 23x Optical, new smaller housing
  SVFT-W36   Day-Night, Outdoor, Non-Press., 35x Optical, Stabilization
  SVFT-W23   Day-Night, Outdoor Non-Pressurized Dome, 23x Optical
  S28WPS   Power Supply for Press. & Non-Press. Cameras
  SVFT-UWM   Non-Pressurized Dome Wall Mount
  SVFT-UPM   Parapet mount
  SVFT-URM   Roof mount
  SVFT-UCM   Ceiling mount
  SVFT-PR-P   Pressurized Dome Pipe Adapter (for use with parapet, roof, ceiling mounts) and camera lowering systems
  SVFT-PR-WM   Pressurized Dome Wall Mount
  V20B-A   New cost effective Pole Mount Adapter
  V1500 CPU   V1500 Series Video Switch
  V1411X-DVC   Desktop Keypad
  V1400X-IDL   RS-422 Line Sharing Device
   V5400QS   Quad Splitter


Product Specifications and Manuals

Vicon Firmware Upgrade Instructions

RS-422 Dome Protocol

Pressurization Kit Instructions**

**Blackhawk Enterprises will also sell the assembled components of the pressurization kit, without the tank of nitrogen.  Contact Blackhawk Enterprises for pricing and details.

CCTV Composite Cable Assemblies


The Vicon Advantage

With the Vicon Advantage, you get exceptional customer support from day one.


3-year beneficial use warranty:  The warranty on your equipment does not start until the equipment has been installed.  Ever have equipment for a project sit on a shelf, just to find the warranty is almost expired when the equipment is installed?  This is not the case with the Vicon Warranty.


NEW: 12-12-07.  1 year advance replacement:  Any equipment failures in the first year (from date of invoice) will be replaced overnight with new equipment.  You simply return the failed equipment.  We understand that when you are ready to get a project up and running, you do not have time to wait for repairs due to warranted failures.


Technical Support:  Vicon offers a 1-800 technical support number that will be answered 24x7x365.  No more having to wait until the next day, or worrying about time zones.  Your technical support calls will always be answered.


Regional Warranty Repair Centers: Vicon has regional warranty repair centers throughout the U.S.  There is no longer delays associated with shipping warranty repair equipment across the country and back, when you can ship to a regional location.  This support ensures that your warranty repairs will be conducted quickly, allowing you to get your system back in operation in a timely manner.  Turnaround time is typically <1 week.