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360 Surveillance Software


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cctv CCTV security surveillance video camera control management center software 360

360 Surveillance Camera Cameleon allows you to control IP and Analog video systems via a Server-Server or Client-Server network. 

Simple to install and use, Camera Cameleon allows full drag-and-drop control of video viewing and PTZ functionality throughout an entire ITS system, including multi-user, multi-jurisdictional and multi-agency systems.

Cameleon solves the problem of integrating new equipment with old by providing interface drivers for a wide variety of CCTV equipment.

Minimized staff training

Cameleon simplifies your CCTV training tasks. The Cameleon drag-and-drop interface uses a standard PC scroll mouse for all its functions. Staff merely select the desired camera icons from the site map, drag them to a display window, and direct PTZ actions with the mouse pointer. There are no longer any camera, preset, or monitor codes to remember!


Advanced display systems

Cameleon can be integrated into networked CCTV management workstations that each feature multiple control windows and a virtually unlimited number of external display monitors. 360 Surveillance also offers the Virtual Monitor Wall in which large format plasma displays may be divided into multiple "virtual video monitors", each with programmable placement, size, and labeling.


Traveler information made simple

Posting images to a public information website was never easier! Simply create a scheduled tour within Cameleon that captures images at particular times and preset camera positions and sends them to your internet website using the built-in FTP utility. File names can be set to over-write previous posts


Product CutSheets

  Cameleon v.4   Camera Cameleon Version 4 (Enterprise)
  Cameleon ITS   Camera Cameleon ITS



Product Specifications and Manuals

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360 Camera Cameleon Version 4 (Enterprise) Specification

Cameleon Version 4 Server Manual

Cameleon Version 4 Client Manual


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