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ISS - RTMS Radar Detection



Introducing the NEW RTMS Echo Detector





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The RTMS (Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor) radar is a low-cost, general-purpose, all-weather traffic sensor which detects presence and measures traffic parameters in multiple independent lanes.  The RTMS offers complete one-click automatic setup, and provides robust traffic information while requiring no maintenance.  Some functions of the RTMS are:

Multi-lane intersection control, stop-bar, and mid-block
Freeway traffic management and incident detection systems
Ramp metering
Off-ramp queue control and signal control actuation
Work zone and temporary intersection control
Permanent and mobile traffic counting stations
Enforcement of speed and red-light violation

The RTMS can be provided equipped with built-in IP or wireless configurations, requiring no additional devices for interconnection into the system.



Product CutSheets

  RTMS Echo   RTMS Echo with internal W-Fi, IP and single cable connection
  RTMS Echo Datasheet   RTMS Echo Datasheet
  RTMS Intro Video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wkf9KH0Xv3c
  RTMS Echo w/Camera   see below
  ISS Wrong Way Detection System   see below



RTMS Echo + Camera

Visually verify roadway conditions with RTMS Echo + Camera


Product Overview

The RTMS Echo plus camera is a technologically advanced radar sensor with a High-Definition camera that empowers smart decisions.  The RTMS Echo radar detects and measures traffic while providing the ability to visually verify the roadway condition using the camera.  It is all-weather accurate and virtually maintenance-free.

Features and Highlights

          Secure wireless configuration

         Radar designed for traffic data collection

         Visual verification and surveillance



Wrong Way Alerting Solution

Providing deeper insights into the wrong way driver problem

Product Overview

 Every wrong way driving event starts with a mistake that can results in a severe or fatal accident.  How these events are resolved no longer need to be left up to change.  The Wrong Way Alerting Solution with Alert Trust goes beyond traditional detection of the wrong way driver and focuses on modifying the underlying human behaviors leading to the wrong way events, not just the results.

Features and Highlights

  • Multi-direction camera

  • Highly accurate and validated true events

  • Automated message alerts via email and MMS                


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