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Watch Video of CLS in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRORGBddeQ8&feature=youtu.be

Camera Lowering Systems Inc., a division of Northstar Lighting, is a leader in the development and manufacturer of high quality lowering systems for use in ITS applications.  With the growing popularity of dome cameras mounted at heights in excess of 50ft., camera lowering systems provide the user a cost effective and safe method for camera access for routine maintenance.

Camera lowering systems eliminate the need for bucket trucks and boom trucks, associated lane blockages, and the difficulty of working at extended heights.  These lowering systems can be used on virtually any type of pole or structure, internal or external, and can work to heights in excess of 200ft.

Product CutSheets

  CDP6-16HDD   Datasheet for the most common system for POE cameras
  CDP6-16HDx   Heavy Duty Connector system for poles
  CEPM-16HDx   External Lowering Device
  CTMT-16HDx   External Tower Mount Device
  FLA-110 Flange Mount   For non-dome cameras
  Signal Cable Options   Analog cameras, IP Cameras, POE Cameras, HD Cameras, and others
  CLS Part Numbering   How to create a part # for quote or purchase
  LT-CC-xx   Lowering Tool for internal pole systems
  LT-4   Lowering Tool for external mount systems
  LT-DRI-PWD   Motorized Clutch Drill
  CLS Test  Cable   Test Jumper Cable



Product Specifications and Manuals

CLS Installation and Operating Manual

CLS Quick Reference Guide